On an introductory note, we introduce ourselves as a highly reputed, 60 yrs. old, well managed cooperative sugar factory with diversified interests in sugar, liquor, Ethanol, Chemicals, Energy / Power, Solvents & Bulk drugs having our setup in a rural backdrop.

Sahakar Maharshi Shankarrao Kolhe Sahakari Sakhar Karkhana Ltd. (Formerly The Sanjivani (Takli) S.S.S.K.Ltd.) Sahajanandnagar, P.O.Shingnapur Tal.Kopargaon, Dist.A.nagar, Maharashtra is a Co-operative Society registered under the Society's Registration Act,1960.

The society was registered on 28th October 1960, bearing Registration No. G-283 -1960 and was issued letter of intent under the Industries Act to establish a sugar factory, having a daily crushing Capacity of 1000 TCD, bearing Industrial License No.L/25-N-37- 61 dated 28th Feb 1961.

The society started its first season in 1963-64, under the able leadership of foresighted visionary and progressive farmer Late Hon'ble Shri Shankarraoji Kolhe Saheb backed by poor, illiterate small land holders, farmers friends of the Kopargaon Taluka. The Karkhana is working since last 60 years in sugar manufacturing. The trial crushing season started on 10th November 1963.


We are suitably and strategically located along the Manmad-Daund Railway Line on the banks of river Godavari which flows from Nashik (Trimbakeshwar) to Rajmundri (A.P.) into the Bay of Bengal. Our premises are situated on the Malegaon-Ahmednagar National Highway No.752 (G). We are well connected by road, rail and air from our site.

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Founder's Message

Late Honourable Shri Shankarrao Kolhe Saheb

Late Honourable Shri Shankarrao Kolhe Saheb, the Founder of Sanjivani Group, was a man with exceptional entrepreneurial abilities. A firm believer in holistic growth, his strong belief in prosperity for everyone led to the foundation of one of the most successful and well-managed cooperative sugar factories with diversified interests in Maharashtra. The well-known Sahakar Maharshi Shankarrao Kolhe Sahakari Sakhar Karkhana Ltd has expanded its presence in Liquor, Ethanol, Chemicals, Energy / Power, Solvents & Bulk drugs, sugar, and education industry.

Late Honourable Shri. Shankarraoji Kolhe Saheb - an agriculture graduate, a first-generation entrepreneur, and a disruptor, had an indomitable hunger to do something for his country, specifically his village, Kopargaon. When he returned to his motherland from Europe, his enterprising abilities took no time to realize the importance of cooperative movement. Driven by a passion for creating livelihoods for many, he set out to form a cooperative sugar factory bringing together small farmers from the vicinity. Thus, laid the foundation of Sahakar Maharshi Shankarrao Kolhe Sahakari Sakhar Karkhana Ltd. (Formerly the Sanjivani (Takli) S.S.S.K. Ltd.) in Sahajanandnagar, P.O Shingnapur Taluka Kopargaon, District Ahmednagar, Maharashtra. It is a Cooperative Society registered under the Society’s Registration Act, 1960.

The society was registered on 28 October 1960, bearing Registration No. G-283 – 1960 and was issued a letter of intent under the industries Act to establish a sugar factory, having a daily crushing capacity of 1000 TCD, bearing Industrial License No. L/25-N-37-61 dated 28 February 1961. The trial crushing season started on 10 November 1963.

The cooperative sugar factory introduced many social, educational and cultural features as part of its total contribution to the well-being of both farmer members and the environment. Today, the large expanse of the Group is testimony to Shri. Kolhe Saheb’s vision and contribution to the economic prosperity of thousands of families across Maharashtra.

Shri. Kolhe Saheb always talked about collaboration, invention, and proactive thinking, which are pivotal to progress. Through perseverance and hard work, the Group has emerged as a large group operating in various sectors across numerous verticals. Trust, integrity, and transparency in every endeavour have always been the core philosophy of the Group.

Honorable Shri Kolhe Saheb left for heavenly abode on 16 -03 - 2022. The Group has lost a mentor, a visionary entrepreneur, and a great humanist in him. Even though he is physically not amongst us, his legacy will continue. As he would always say, “Change is the only constant.”

President Sanjivani Group

Honourable Shri. Bipindada Kolhe

At Sanjivani Group, we are committed to bringing prosperity to every stakeholder of the Group, running the business like a family, and building value, lifelong trust, integrity, and transparency. The world is full of opportunities, and we are ready to explore, experiment, innovate, and be the market leader in the chosen segment of the industry. While we charted out our growth plan, we ensured that the Group followed the best global manufacturing and quality control practices. As a result, the Group has set several remarkable benchmarks in human resource development, operations management, and CSR activities. In addition, our Group’s business model and risk management policies and mechanisms are constantly reviewed and upgraded.

I believe that human resource is one of the most critical assets for any organization to sustain in the long term and build a competitive advantage of a company. At the Sanjivani Group, we have a constantly evolving talent management system growing in the dynamic environment.

The work environment in the Group is such that it nurtures the potential of each employee and gives them ample opportunities for professional growth and excellence.

The Group’s momentous journey has been possible because of the formidable faith of our employees, partners, shareholders, customers, and vendors. It has given us the strength to take the untrodden path and make the right choices. After all, the sky is the limit as far as opportunities are concerned.

Chairman – Sahakar Maharshi Shankarrao Kolhe Sahakari Sakhar Karkhana Ltd.

Honourable Shri Vivekbhaiya Kolhe

The Sanjivani Group is constantly evolving and ushering new paths of progress with the blessings of Late Honourable Shri Shankarrao Kolhe Saheb and under the wise leadership of Shri. Bipindada Kolhe. The Group’s vision is to be a globally recognized business house that brings economic prosperity to its partners, employees, and nation.

The Group aims to continue the legacy of Late Honourable Shri Shankarrao Kolhe Saheb and carve out a niche for ourselves in each industry that we foray in. The Group is committed to its core philosophy of Trust, Integrity, and Transparency. In the coming years, we will be introduced to more quality products and services and will continue to play a critical role in bringing prosperity to many.

As we move ahead, the Group will continue to strengthen its abilities and evolve as an organization that encourages fresh talent, sustainability, and innovation.

From the Desk of our Enthusiastic Managing Director

Bajirao G Suttar

The Sanjivani Group has had an exciting journey in the last six decades, evolving and innovating to bring prosperity to many and the nation. From being a cooperative sugar factory to being the Group with varied interests, the Sanjivani Group has come a long way.

Today, the Group possesses a leading position in the sugar and liquor industries. Also, the Group’s educational institutions are of international repute and are known to be one of the premier choices of students. With varied interests ranging from Liquor, Ethanol, Chemicals, Energy / Power, Solvents & Bulk drugs, and sugar to the education industry, the Group is excited to offer its products and services on a national and international platform. While this gives an impetus to our vision, we continue to focus on our mission to bring prosperity to many.

As we move ahead, we have our sights set on offering quality products and services to global consumers. The Group will continue to invest in technologies and talent management systems to enhance the vision. We look forward to more opportunities that enable us to be the globally recognized business house bringing prosperity to everyone and the nation.

We are providing various services to farmer & in general people of the society to strengthen the economic growth in rural area. We are doing so many CSR & constructive activities for the welfare of the society. We are doing system oriented work for the general fields & each & every department are tagged with motivational & especially identical approach work to strengthen the cooperative movement.

Sahakar Maharshi Shankarrao Kolhe Sahakari Sakhar Karkhana Ltd.

Board of Directors

Sr. No Name of Directors Post
1 Shri Bipindada Kohle Saheb Senior Director
2 Shri Vivek Bipindada Kolhe Chairman
3 Shri Ramesh Dada Ghoderao Vice Chairman
4 Shri Vishvasrao Narayan Mahale Director
5 Shri Dynaneshwar Bhagwantrao Parjane Director
6 Shri Bapusaheb Sampatrao Barhate Director
7 Shri Nilesh Pathaji Deokar Director
8 Shri Balasaheb Chandrabhan Wakte Director
9 Shri Dynandeo Paraji Autade Director
10 Shri Ramesh Ranganath Abhale Director
11 Shri Appasaheb Rabhaji Dawange Director
12 Shri Rajendra Niruttirao Kolpe Director
13 Shri Dynanneshwar Chiliya Hun Director
14 Shri Vilasrao Eknath Wabale Director
15 Shri Manesh Dinkarrao Gade Director
16 Shri Vilas Tulsiram Mali Director
17 Shri Trimbakrao Nirutti Sarode Director
18 Shrimati Usha Tai Sanjay Rao Autade Director
19 Shrimati Soniya Tai Balasaheb Pangavhane Director
20 Shri Niruttirao Karbhari Bankar Director
21 Shri Satish Shubhashrao Avhad Director
22 Shri Bajirao G. Sutar Managing Director

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Sahakar Maharshi Shankarrao Kolhe Sahakari Sakhar Karkhana Ltd.

Awards & Recognition

Sr. No Awards & Recognition Date
1 Transworld Trade Fair Selection Award (Gold Medal) 04-Nov-1979
2 Appointment for Transworld Trade Fair Selection Award (Gold Medal) 27-Nov-1979
3 Award for Inclusion of handicapped as Employees May 1985
4 High Technical Proficiency on all India Basis Total Losses and Steam Consumption 1988-89
5 High Technical Proficiency on all India Basis Total Losses and Steam Consumption 1989-90
6 Second prize for High Recovery 1990-91
7 Best Technical Performance 1990-91
8 Second Efficiency Award from Central Maharashtra 1990-91
9 Certificate of Best Performance in small saving Scheme 1990-91
10 Best Technical Performance 1991-92
11 Second Efficiency Award from Central Maharashtra 1991-92
12 Second Highest Prize Reduced Overall Recovery 1995-96
13 First prize in recognition of best utilization of molasses (Distillery) 1996-97
14 Best Entrepreneurship Award 1996-97
15 The Most Innovative Factory Award 2001-02
16 Best Distillery Award 2004-05
17 Second prize for Best Technical Efficiency in High Recovery zone 2007-08
18 Third prize from Best Technical to Maharashtra State 2007-08
19 Best Distillery Award 2008-09
20 First Price for Best Technical Performance in Central Maharashtra from VSI Pune 2013-14
21 Best Technical Efficiency Award from VSI 2021-2022
22 Overall Best Innovative Plant of the Year Award at National Level from Bharatiya Sugar 2021-2022


Before concluding this brief summary of the multifarious activities of this institution, a word needs to be said about the almost single handed contribution to its success by its founder Chairman, Late Hon’ble Shri. Shankarraoji Genuji Kolhe, M.L.A. Ex-Minister Maharashtra State, through whose vision & missionary Zeal it was established and nurtured. His vision and blessings even today continues to guide not only the sugar factory & its growing multifarious activities but also the various allied sponsored institutions.

As a result of his vigorous & untiring efforts, with complete devotion and dedication, there is no doubt that the above activities have continued to grow and flourish and thereby help to transform this once backward & barren rural area, into a model Tehsil, buzzing with all round industrial, educational and Social activities, which is bound to make its mark for emulation not only in our State of Maharashtra, but also in our country as a model Agro-Industrial Community.